Writer's World Timeline

Old-school publishing works on a linear timeline, whereby the book is first created and then promoted.

At Writer's World we believe book creation and promotion are parallel processes, done at the same time. If you want to launch your book with a BANG ... it's the way to go!

It's also a great way to overcome any procrastination on your part as an author. Once you start, momentum builds and you'll naturally push past the barriers as the publishing deadline approaches. 

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Creation Timeline

Below outlines the Writer's World 11-Step Creation process to get your book published worldwide, available to all bookstores, online ebookstores and in audiobook.

Manuscript Finished

Despite the glamour of a book tour and media interviews, writing is a lonely profession. Consistency and persistence is key. Our Writer's World How to Write Training Program (available in WWA) will keep you motivated and on track. Once your manuscript is complete and proofread, you're ready for the next step. 

Cover Design

The sooner you get a cover designed, the sooner the pre-launch can start.

We'll show you how to get a professional cover design done for very little cost. It's a very important part of your book. 

Once you are happy with the design, send it to us and we'll create 3D images for promotion, so you can start your pre-launch campaign.

Submit Manuscript

We create a Dropbox folder for you to upload your manuscript. This folder is used to sync all files created during the publishing process to ensure all documents are stored in one place! 

Professional Editing

We commission professional editors to correct typos, punctuation and revise grammar. You, as the author, approve all changes to the final proof.

Final Proof Approved

Once editing is complete and the corrections are made, you approve the final version of your book.

Interior Design

We design the interior layout for print and all ebooks formats.

Book Design Approved

You approve the design of all formats.

Book Published

We submit your book to all publishing channels. You book will be live, ready to order between 1-3 days.  

Audiobook Recorded

As soon as the Final Draft is approved, we commission a voice over talent to record your audiobook. We provide you with three different talent options, and once you decide whom you prefer, the recording starts. Depending on talent workload and size of book, the audio recording usually takes between 7 to 14 days. 

Audiobook Approved

We send you the the complete audiobook for your approval.

Audiobook Published

We publish your audiobook on all channels.

Promotion Timeline

The Promotion Timeline runs parallel to the Creation Timeline, so that you launch your book with a BANG!

Strategy Session

This is the first step you undertake when you join Writer's World. Formulating a clear strategy for you book will not only keep you on track, it will provide you with the motivation to get the book done.

Writer's World Academy (WWA)

If you haven't already, it's time to watch the WWA training videos on Book Promotion. This will provide you with everything you need to know to launch your book succesfully.

Create Online Platforms

If you haven't already, now is the time to create your blogging platform and open up all social media accounts. This includes an email capture service, to build your fanbase. The are specific lessons on how to do this in the WWA.

Build Your Audience

Start telling the world about your book and build an audience.

Press Releases

Make a long list of media contacts in radio, TV, magazines, podcasters, bloggers and opinion leaders.

Start writing and sending press releases about your book. (You learn how to write a press release in WWA)

Order PR Copies

Now your book is available, you can order copies to send out with your press releases and to opinion leaders.

Opinion Leaders

Send your book to key people of influence around the glode, those who will relate to your message or story and are likely to endorse or promote you.


Start promoting like crazy at every opportunity you get. Write letters, post blog articles, attend speaking gigs, book signings, interviews, the lot.  

Fuel Word of Mouth (WOM)

Encourage WOM with special offers, and more promotion.

Engage Your Audience

Ask for feedback, survey your audience, encourage reviews on Amazon and other stores.

And start writing your  next book :-)