Writer's World Academy $1,290

Choose this option if you are yet to write your book, but want to get started now. This training will help you write and formulate a successful strategy.

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Get instant access to these modules:

Writer's Success Strategy

  • Discover the 3 elements of a successful writer.
  • How to generate and encourage word-of-mouth promotion.
  • How to build a loyal fan base that keeps coming back for more.

Write for Your Life - $99

  • How to write so you never suffer from writer's block.
  • How to organise your life so you can write.
  • The best software to use to write your book.
  • How to easily create images.
  • How to write and make sense.
  • How to find your own style of writing.
  • How to organise your ideas.
  • The most important part of your book.

Book Promotion Mastery - $1290

  • Marketing Strategy - How to Build a massive fanbase.
  • Pre-launch Techniques - How to get sales before your book is finished.

  • Boom Book Sales with Blogging - We’ll show how to blog effectively, how often, and how to bring it all together simply.

  • Simple Social Media - Cut through the jargon and create a simple, yet powerful technique to increase your following.

  • The KPI Strategy - Making contact with people of influence who can help promote  and endorse your book.

  • Power PR Strategy - The most under-utilized promotional technique that you can use to promote your book for free.

  • Getting Interviews  - not only how to secure the, but also how to do them.

  • Using News to Sell - How to stay on top of the lastest news and use it to sell your book.

Writer's Web

  • Blog Platform - We’ll show you how to setup and manage your own elegant blog. No high tech computer skills required, it’s simple and easy.

  • Emailing System - Cost-effective way to stay in contact with your fan base and drive sales. 

Book Selling

  • Multiple selling channels - How to create worldwide selling channels, both retail and wholesale.

  • Engaging Events - How to organise events, run and promote events, both on and off line.

  • Podcasting - How to create your own radio station and engage your audience.

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Writer's World Welcome Package $5,990

Choose this option if you have a finished or almost finished manuscript. We can help provide the necessary motivation and support to get published.

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For authors new to Writer's World, here's what you get:

Lifetime Access to Writer's World Academy

Everything you need to know to be a succesful author and publisher.

One-on-one Strategy Session

Meet with our Founder, Tony Melvin, who will help you formulate a marketing strategy and timeline for your book.

Professional Proofreading and Editing

We commission professional editors to correct typos, punctuation and revise grammar. You, as the author, approve all changes to the final proof.

Professional Interior Design

We design the interior layout for print and all ebooks formats.

Published in Print Worldwide

Your book will be made available to all bookstores worldwide.

Published in eBook Worldwide

Your book published on 67 online bookstores including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and more.

Published Audiobook

We organise the voice talent to record your book in audio and publish it on all audiobook channels worldwide.

Author Direct

Online direct ordering at authors discount, shipped anywhere in the world.

Direct Sales Channels

Online shopping cart for your retail and wholesale customers, with books shipped worldwide.

Book Launch

We promote your book to the entire Writer's World community of book buyers and authors.

Press Releases

We formulate and send out Press Releases to all our media contacts, to help spread the word of your new book and secure media interviews.