"Discover how I grew a business from $300,000 turnover to over $2 Million in less than 12 months working only part-time..."
If you need more sales, more income and greater profits this is for you!

I have enjoyed success in many fields and many consider me a "Marketing Genius" or "Business Expert". 

My education in this field started in the early 90's when I read a book by Claude Hopkins. Since then I have learned many things, through study and trial and error. 

And now I've assembled all of my key learnings so you can easily access this information and speed up your success.

This knowledge is the basis of my success in business. 

I hope it brings you the same good fortune.
He Earned Over $185,000 
a Year in 1907 ...
Claude Hopkins was a marketing genius earning $185,000 in 1907 as an employee of an advertising firm. 

That’s equivalent to over $25 million today.

Claude was behind such brands as Palmolive and Goodyear, launching them into the household names they are today.

Claude codified his techniques in 1923 in a book called Scientific Advertising. 

While this book has been recommended and used by many great marketing minds since Claude’s day, his principles remain broadly unknown.
Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Tony Melvin, first read Claude's book in the early 90's. In his own word "the only reason so many consider me a marketing genius is because of this book."

And to ensure Claude’s techniques and principles are not forgotten, Tony has taken Claude’s original work and revitalized it for today. 

Tony isolated 114 Profitable Laws of Advertising & Marketing providing a clear set of rules that anyone can follow. 

"The basic marketing principles have not changed since Claude's day, they still apply in today's online world."
114 Profitable Laws of
Advertising & Marketing 
These Laws spread across the following 17 categories including:
• 7 Fundamental Laws

• 11 Laws On Strategy

• 8 Laws for Headlines

• 2 Laws for Call-to-Action

• 13 Laws for Salesmanship

• 12 Laws On Testing

• 10 Laws On Samples & Gifts

• 15 Laws On Human Nature

• 5 Laws On Ads-in-Print
• 4 Laws On Being Specific 

• 4 Laws On Stories 

• 3 Laws On Art

• 2 Laws On Distribution

• 5 Laws On Individuality

• 6 Laws On Negative Advertising

• 4 Laws On Letter Writing

• 3 Laws On Branding
Illustrations, Examples &
Uncommon Words Defined 
Never before has Claude’s work been presented with such clarity.
Free Bonuses
114 Laws Illustrated Guide
Campaign Evaluator
Marketing Mistakes & Must Checklist
Tony created illustrations of every one of the 114 laws, and commissioned an artist to draw each one. 

This illustrated guide provides a quick reference and clarity on each law. It's your free as a PDF download, when you purchase the book in any format.
Get a copy of the template Tony uses to measure the Cost per Lead and Cost per Sale of all marketing campaigns.
Use this quick checklist to assess all of your promotional material from your business cards to your website to avoid common mistakes and ensure you have every chance of success.
How to build a business
and still have a life!
"Absolutely eye opening, yet simple [information] which can be easily applied!
Thank you."
Jerric Leav, NSW
Blow away the myths
Before you can believe that it is possible to build a turn-key, profitable business (one that runs efficiently, allowing you to focus on bigger goals and bigger opportunities), it is necessary to dispel some common myths about business:

Myth 1: It’s hard to build a business.

Myth 2: You can’t build a business fast.

Myth 3: You have to struggle for the first two years before you can make a profit.

Myth 4: Good staff are hard to find.

Myth 5: The economy is bad which makes it harder to succeed.

Myth 6: You have to do it tough at first.

Myth 7: You need lots of money to start.

You might have heard these before and might have even said them yourself—the fact is these statements are not true

When you understand basic business principles, you know how to build a business, find the right staff and do it all with little or no money. And Tony Melvin will show you how.
"Understanding this information has enabled me to make millions, giving me the ability to  work wherever I want, whenever I want ... and I'd like to share that information with YOU."
What you can learn
It is possible to grow a business that works without you. There is a way that you can build a business from scratch, with little or no money, into a large multinational and profitable organisation (if you want to get that big).

These two online video courses cover each vital aspect of business growth.
Marketing Magic
"High density training on the critical points in marketing. Really hands-on guidance, not just theory."

Jeff Wicks, QLD
Includes 11 informative videos that will show you ...
  • How to reduce your marketing costs without reducing the quality of your client.
  •  How to design a step-by-step marketing strategy that will double your profits in 6 months or less.
  •  How to create a complete marketing system that works automatically creating leads and sales—24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  •  How to design promotion that works!
  •  Why advertising is the last form of marketing you should ever use.
  •  How to get free publicity to get new clients.
  •  The single most important money making function that you need to implement in your business immediately (this alone can double the size of your business and most businesses don't do this)
"Absolutely fantastic! Relevant information, even to a person managing a franchise!"

Carolyn Mitchell, QLD
Vital Business Principles
"Excellent presentation of very powerful content, lots of distinctions that are really useful. Many Thanks."

David Leviston, NSW
Includes 16 informative videos that will show you ...
  • How to analyze your business to find your most profitable product or service.
  •  How to organise your business so that you are ready for expansion (this is important!)
  •  How to find the non-profitable areas of your business and improve them or dump them!
  •  How to build a business that works without you.
  •  How to monitor and manage your business no matter where you are.
  •  How to eliminate interruptions and confusions, so you and your team can get more done in less time.
  •  The fast way to find out who is working for you and who is working against you (and the easy way to fix it) 
Fantastic, very informative in how a business can improve its productivity and profit.

Lisette Coates, NSW
Take a Look Inside the BOOM University
Here's a sneak peak of the BOOM University. 

Each course is broken up into easy to view chapters. 

You can watch it straight through or skip to the parts you want.
To help you grasp the information, all drawings and slides were captured and the videos professionally edited.

It's just like the live event, only better (you get to pause!) ☺︎
The complete transcript ensures you can follow what was said so you don't miss a thing. 

You can download materials with a simple click. 

If you get stuck, you can always ask for help. 
Who Is This For?
The BOOM University online courses are for business owners and their key staff. It will also be beneficial to those just starting out, armed only with a business idea.

The size of the business is irrelevant, and so too is its success. No matter how big or small, or how successful or struggling, every business owner and manager can improve their current business conditions by learning and applying these key business principles.

If you want to improve your business (and your lifestyle), get this knowledge—whether your business is struggling, booming or just an idea, this knowledge can turn it around, take it to the next level or launch you like a rocket.
Attendee Feedback
"Excellent content which was totally engaging. Time just flew by!"

Richard Butcher, QLD
Awesome. Learned a lot and renewed my passion.

Brett Thompson, NSW
"Best one-day seminar I’ve ever attended and I’ve attended many seminars over the last 30 years. The fact it’s free is astonishing!"

John Hodges, SA
Fantastic event, very informative and inspiring. Tony gives practical advice that can be easily implemented in my business.

Allison Allo, NSW
So simple to understand and see how easy the ideas are to boost production and turn around one’s business situation. So many benefits!

David Cleal, WA
Tony’s seminar was humorous, informative and packed with fundamentals “must do” rules for success. Thanks!

Karen Walsh, WA
The Marketing Magic Formula provides a way to act now for what you want to achieve later.

Heidi Ross, WA
Awesome. Learned a lot and renewed my passion.

Brett Thompson, NSW
"Explained in a simple, easy to understand way how to expand business profitably without wasting time and money focusing on the wrong areas.
I can see immediate ways I can benefit from the information present."

"Unbelievable value! Very interesting, insightful information with direct relevance to anyone running or launching a business. Thanks Tony."

Brett Mudie, QLD
"WOW! … Tony puts everything in a simple way—lots of examples and that is what I need."

Linda van Spankeren, WA
Excellent management skills, structuring and a solid projected plan of business to keep it top notch. Everything [in my business] makes clear sense now.

Alfio & Joy Papa, NSW
I have been to many seminars over the last 20 years, this has been the most informative. The information was grass roots and easy to apply in the day to day running of our business.

Ron & Jay Mangano, WA
Most entertaining and enlightening

Peta Thompson, NSW
A great help. It has given me not only idea and methods but confidence to move forward.

Katie Halpin, NSW
The information given was easy to follow and has rejuvenated my business goals and given me the realization that it is quite possible to expand and be successful in my business by following the basic rules of promotion.

Phil Newman-Martin, WA
"I enjoyed both sessions and feel like superwoman. I am going back to my shop and am going to apply all that I have learned today."

Margherita Cartoni, NSW
"Very Informative, eye opening."

Jaye Sellen, NSW
"This information is invaluable and make so much sense. This will change my business for sure, I can’t wait to get to it and start applying the information from this seminar. Thanks Tony for a great day full of information."

Darren Whitby, WA
There’s a lot of weird ideas about marketing out there but this has kicked a lot of them out and made it all a lot simpler and without the superfluous rubbish and biased opinion.

Ron Steele, WA
Fantastic, very informative in how a business can improve its productivity and profit.

Lisette Coates, NSW
It was fantastic. Tony’s insights are inspiring. His presentation, like his books, are jargon free and easy to understand.

Pat Stedman, NSW
10 out of 10.

Jock, NSW
I loved the definitions of marketing ad Tony’s ease of presenting. It’s all common sense and can be applied straight-away.

Linda Steele, WA
This seminar was very well put together and presented. I found the “mistakes and must’s” of promo very useful as it clarified the whole subject and made it much more usable. Thank you Tony.

Pauline Zani, WA
"Tony’s sessions so far have been incredibly informative, worthwhile and relevant to any business.

I have picked up so many great tips in just half a day and a can’t to hear more!

Thanks for offering and running such a great sessions."

Carolyn Mitchell, QLD
100% Money Back Guarantee
All products comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Take 30 days to review the information and if it isn't what you expected, we will arrange a full refund. 
Tony's Experience & Results
While Tony is known for his best-selling books on the subjects of finance, tax and investing and is considered an authority on these matters, his first passion has always been business building. Tony has been involved in businesses from a diverse range of industries including importing, landscaping, accounting, recruitment, manufacturing, publications, events, commercial cleaning, finance and property development. 

As you can see from this extensive list, his experience ranges from the blue collar to white collar and from product based businesses to service based ones, and everything in between. 

And these, not just in Australia, but around the world.

You might be wondering, “How can someone be successful at so many different industries?”

The answer is simple—Basic Business Principles apply to any business. Understanding these basic principles enables you to expand and grow any business. All of these principles are covered, in detail, by Tony in these online course. 

Here’s just a few examples of how the Business Building Principles, when known and used, can work.
Accounting Firm
In July 2005, Tony joined an established and successful accounting firm with 2 offices in NSW. Tony, along with the two principals, formed a management company and formulated a plan for national expansion including marketing, planning, organisation and personnel recruitment. 

Within the first year the business grew 86% and then another 52% in the following year, making it the fastest growing accounting firm in Australia per BRW magazine (August 2007). All of this was achieved with no capital outlay; the entire growth was self-funding!

Publication & Events Business
This business did require a $5000 investment to kick it off! Initially run as a part-time endeavour, in early 2008 Tony drew up an expansion plan, putting in place key Business Building Principles and hiring a General Manager to implement the plan. 

Within one month the business had achieved more sales than the previous year’s turnover and the company has grown 164% in the 10 months since July 2008—that’s a turnover of over $1.5 million and all during a “financial crisis!”
Property Inspections
The owner of this Property Inspections business sought Tony's help shortly after starting up in May 2009. Over the next 12 months under Tony's mentorship, the owner implemented key business systems and a unique Licensing Model advocated by Tony. The result was a 300% increase and the first Licensee. 

By March 2011 the owner had moved out of doing inspections to focus on the national expansion plan. Tony agreed to continuing his mentor role as Chairman in June 2011. 

Within 9 months the business had grown to 18 Licensees operating in 4 states with an annual turnover of close to $2 million. All before it turned 3 years old!
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