Discover how to protect your wealth
and keep it in the family.
Tony in his straight-forward, jargon free style provides the investor and business owner with a simple guide to protecting assets, reducing tax and keeping wealth in the family for future generations.

Inside you’ll discover how to:

1. Protect assets that have been accumulated in your personal name.

2. Ensure that your wealth is passed securely to your descendants and is not diluted by in-laws who marry into the family.

3. Ensure your wealth is controlled (even after you have passed away) according to your wishes, so that it is not squandered by irresponsible, extravagant heirs.

4. Place assets into a Trust that will not end in 80 years, but one that continues forever.

5. Ensure that once all structures, wills and protections are in place, they are updated and remain compliant with any changes in the law and in your personal circumstances.
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