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Registration Close Friday March 30, 2018


I’m looking for 10 highly motivate people who fit the following criteria...



  1. You have knowledge and skills you want to share with the world.

  2. You know your message is different or better than anything else out there.

  3. You know you can offer create value and insight.

  4. You want to follow your passion and not just “earn a buck.”

  5. You want your products and services to be in high demand.
  6. You want to make a difference. You want to make an IMPACT!

These are the traits and desires of an Influencer. And in 2018 I'm going to help 10 people create a launching pad and make them an Influencer, by coaching them to 1) publish a book 2) build a massive social media following in their niche, 3) Drive in sales and 4) Systematise the entire process so it works 24/7.


When you are a person of influence, the business inflows.

You don’t have to chase it.
People come to you.

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Why listen to me?


I never intended to become an Influencer. In fact, when I ventured out into the business world some 25 years ago I didn't even know what an Influencer was.

I wrote my first book How to legally Reduce Your Tax as a marketing strategy to grow an accounting firm. It became the #1 best-selling finance book in Australia for 2 years running, and helped turn a $2 million firm into a $10 million one. That was back in 2005, 13 years later I still get enquiries from readers of that book (despite not being in print for the past 3 years!)

Although I didn't realise it at the time, that book started my journey as an Influencer. In past 13 years I’ve written 6 other books and grown 5 separate business and NEVER had to spend money on marketing, generating well over $50M in revenue.

With the tools and technology available today, it easier, faster and less costly to build your personal brand and become an Influencer.

But there is a LOT to learn, which is why I’ve created the Influencer Launch Pad (ILP), to help people like you create the ideal platform from which you can reach millions.


How it Works


We work closely together for 12 months, strategically implementing every aspect of the Launch Pad, which includes:

  1. Publishing Your Story or Message

  2. Establishing Platforms to Share and Sell

  3. Building Your Audience


Your Story or Message

One of the best way to share your story or message is with a book. Tony will not only coach and mentor you to write your book, he’ll also publish it (via his publishing business Writer’s World). This is the beginning of your very own self-publishing empire, with worldwide distribution to 67 online bookstores and thousands of retail bookstores, plus your book will be available print-on-demand in any format you desire (such as hardcover or paperback, full color or mono).

Building Your Audience

This is vital to your continued success. You can do everything else right, but if you fail to build a vibrant, interactive, growing audience, it can hinder your success.

During the ILP, Tony will show you how to do this, in fact, you start building your audience immediately, no matter what where you are on the Publishing steps. You soon discover that audience building is never-ending function of being an Influencer. The great part is it gets easier.

Audience building you’ll master the use of all online tools like use of social media, what platforms to use and how to use them. Blogging, collecting emails addresses and more. With nothing more than a laptop and an internet connect, you can reach billions. And with the right Launching Pad, the value of your audience is priceless and it will never-stop growing.

Establishing Platforms
to Share & Sell

With live in brand new world where everyone is connected.

Being an Influencer in this modern age requires an understanding and mastery of computers, apps and the internet.

But you don’t have to be a programming genius.

During the LPI we will build all the necessary platforms you need. We’ll show you how to use them and provide support and help if you get stuck. Thankfully the systems we use are easy. No coding needed. The setup is the hard part, but we do that for you.

Once the platforms are established, and you know how to use them, the sky is really the limit. You’ll have the tools and know-how to reach everyone of the billions of people online, no matter where you are.

Automatic Selling

With the correct platforms, you can be selling your books, products and service 24/7. The sales process should be as seamless and automatic as possible. That gives you time to focus the more important functions of interacting with your audience and creating new content.

As an Influencer you don’t spend time or selling, you focus on sharing and teaching.

The Process


While the coaching program is 12 month, I intend to get your book publish and launched with 6 months or less. That means we then spend at least 6 month working on promotion, PR and building your audience.

Once you have your message, it's the size of your audience that matters most.

Every aspect of ILP will be recorded (either filmed or audio recorded) and shared with the world. This provides huge benefits, including:

  1. You'll start building your audience as your story or message is being developed, creating a ready made demand for when it’s released.

  2. It will provide you with a simple means to review any lesson or training at anytime.

  3. It creates the necessity level you need to get your book done, because people will be watching and waiting for you.


Weekly Coaching Schedule


Mentor & Coach

While writing is considered glamours, it is a lonely game. It’s just you, your thoughts and a blank screen. It’s easy to get disheartened, distracted and confused.

As your mentor and coach, I’ll be guiding you, and when needed, pushing you to get it done. We all suffer from procrastination at times. My method for overcoming it was to produce the cover of the book, write a basic outline and agree to a deadline with the book distributors. Once it started selling there was no turning back! I wrote my first 3 books that way until I developed the habit of simply writing. But boy, would I have loved to have a mentor to guide me when the going got tough!

Well, I’ll be that guy for you. As an ILP member, you get access to me whenever you need it.

In addition to the Live Group Coaching Sessions, we can also meet one-on-one for some personal guidance as needed.

Coaching Schedule

This is a weekly coaching program. There’s something to do every week.

Live Online Group Training

Each week we have a live group session, run online. The agenda will be something like this:

  1. Update of everyone’s progress

  2. Key lesson of the week

  3. Key targets for the coming week

  4. Q&A Session

These will go for 1 or major 2 hours. Whatever is needed.

Every Friday, you complete a ILP Progress Report and I review everyone's progress and release a video as an update.

Any milestones achieved will get its own a special announcement.

If you get stuck and need some one-on-one, we’ll set up a personal chat.

Remember, everything will be recorded and shared with group so that everyone learns from one another. You'll  have 24/7 access to all the information and resources you need.

ILP Results


This is what we are going for!

  1. You are an influencer in your niche.

  2. You have vibrant, interactive, growing audience.

  3. Your books, products and services are in demand and selling 24/7 no matter where you are.

  4. You have a strategic plan that you know works.

  5. You have all the necessary IT platforms and systems established that allow for scalable growth.


Who should Join?

The Influencer Launch Pad is for the writer, the artist, the entrepreneur or the coach.


It doesn’t matter where you live, or how big or small your current audience is. Once you become an Influencer, your opportunities and reach naturally expand. You may have a local business now, but once you implement all aspects of ILP, it will grow and get bigger. Who knows where you'll be in 12 months from now? One thing is for certain—your business will never be the same again!

As an artist, you’ll be shown ways to monetise your passion. You don’t have to create or sell products. You don’t have to have a business. If you work on building your audiences and sharing a message, they’ll be countless opportunities for you to earn a living (such as endorsement deals or licensing deals). 


Skills You Will Learn


Writing Skills

✔︎ How to Write

✔︎ How to create and use graphics and artwork 

✔︎ Time Management (better stated as How to get things done!)

✔︎  How to stay motivated

✔︎ Book Strategy (we figure this out before you start writing)

PR & Promotion Skills

✔︎ How to use Public Relations (PR) and the media to promote and sell your book (do this right and you never have to spend money on advertising)

✔︎  Blogging and website basics (you won't need any IT support once you understand these)

✔︎  How to use social media, with a clear purpose for each social media channel

✔︎  How email marketing works and the best apps to use

✔︎  How to setup and run a podcast (a very powerful medium for certain products and services)

✔︎  How to film and edit videos (a vital skill to know, so you are not reliant on others and can get things done fast)

✔︎  How to effectively promote and run events

✔︎  How to handle naysayers and personal attacks

Organisation Skills

✔︎  How to run and organise your publishing business (these fundamentals apply to all business)

✔︎  How to find and use Virtual Staff (you don't have to do it all)

... and whatever else is needed to ensure you are a success. 


Sharing Your Journey


Once the program is complete, and you are well on your way, I'll document the journey, sharing the highlights and challenges we all face in becoming an Influencers. 

Your story will be published in the Influencer:2018 book, another tool in your arsenal for becoming an Influencer.


ILP 2018 BOOK.png


What’s the investment?

All prices USD.


In Full

One payment of $14,990 for everything listed below.


Payment Plan

$4,990 deposit and $990 per month for 12 months. Total = $16,870


IT Platforms - $99/month
Once set up this fee covers all IT support and hosting.


Can't afford it? Watch this video

Here's what happens when you join

Here's a summary of what's included...



✔︎ Access to all Live Coaching Sessions

✔︎ Access to private coaching session as needed

✔︎ Direct access to Tony as needed

✔︎ Customised Strategic Plan that will make you an Influencer in your chosen field


✔︎ Introduced to Tony's worldwide audience (which is growing fast)

✔︎  Your story featured in the book Influencers:2018

✔︎  Proven methods of growing your own audience from day one

Welcome Kit

✔︎  Influencer's Mug (every drink an inspiration)

✔︎  Influencer's Pen (the secret to writing amazing content)

✔︎  Influencer's Cap (guaranteed to generate new ideas while worn)

✔︎  Influencer's T-shirt (this just makes you look good)


✔︎ Writer's Plan to get your book written, fast.

✔︎ Professional Editing of final draft

✔︎ Interior design for print and ebook

✔︎ Audiobook production and published (on Amazon's Audible)

✔︎ Your book published under your own brand, with worldwide distribution to 67 online bookstores and thousands of retail bookstores. (See full list)


✔︎ Elegant website and blog

✔︎ Online shopping cart

✔︎ Lead collection

✔︎ Emailing platform

✔︎ Payment gateway setup (to accept credit cards)

ILP merch.png

welcome kit

How to Join


ILP is an invitation only program. Here’s how you apply:

1. Application Form

Complete the form on the right.

2. Schedule a interview with Tony

The purpose of the interview is for Tony to gain a thorough understanding of your project, your plans and your goals. If Tony is confident that help can help you launch your brand and become an Influencer, you’ll be invited on the program. If not, Tony will offer guidance and advice on what you need to do to qualify.

Complete the form on the right to get started and then use the button below to schedule interview with Tony.

3. Pay the registration fee to secure your place

If invited on the program, pay the registration fee.

Application Form

All submissions go directly to Tony.
All information remains confidential.

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Frequentently Asked Questions


If you've got a question not answered in the information above, then complete the form below. All submissions go directly to Tony.

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