Order Your Customized Copy of
Rise of Champions

If you enjoyed this book and if the message resonates with your own business philosophies, perhaps you’d like your own customized version of the book that you can easily distribute to your team and colleagues.

It’s also a great opportunity for consultants and business coaches who can use the book to promote their services.

The customized version includes:

  1. A foreword written by you

  2. Your name on the cover with Foreword By (Your Name)

  3. Wholesale pricing


How does it work?

You customized version of Rise of the Champions includes:

  1. A foreword by you, which can include a link to your site and special offer or bonus.

  2. Your name on the cover (as shown above)

  3. All envisage links changed to your own partner link to track referrals. More info >

  4. Once the book is produced, you’ll receive a unique link to order your customized copies. We provide print-on-demand services in USA, Australia and UK . Books can be shipped worldwide.

  5. Receive wholesale discount (50% off retail), plus shipping costs.

  6. Minimum order is 1 box of 68 books. Order by the box saves on handling and shipping costs.

How to Enroll

Step One: Pay an initial set-up fee to create the customized version ($500 USD) plus order your first box of 68 printed copies. Order now >

Step Two: Complete the form on the right and provide us with your foreword.

Step Three: We’ll have a professional editor review your foreword and make any corrections.

Step Four: We’ll send you your foreword for final approval before printing.

Step Five: We’ll design your customized version, and send for printing.

Step Six: You’ll receive your first box of books and you’ll be given a unique online link to re-order at anytime.

Note: Steps five and six will take up to 2 weeks.

Foreword Submission

Name *
Paste text below. To bold a word or phrase, start and end the bold words with an asterisk, example *rise* To italicize a word or phrase use two asterisk, example **Thank you** A professional editor with review your foreword before publishing.
Agreement *
By completing this form, you grant Melvin Media, LLC., the right to publish your foreword in a customized version of Rise of the Champions. You also acknowledge and understand the copyright of the book remains the ownership of Tony Melvin and this agreement provides you with no entitlement to that copyright or royalties. It does entitle you to order, at wholesale rates, your own customized copy, and sell or distribute that copy in printed format only. You are not permitted to obtain an ISBN or reprint or reproduce the book in anyway.