Unregistered the Movie


Unregistered is a short film created and directed by my friend Sophia Banks.

She has done a truly amazing job of creating suspense, drama and action all focused around a compelling love story.

Sophia comes from a background of 15 years in the fashion industry - starting her career in film as a costume designer and upon returning to school for further training in film she broke into the industry with her award-winning short “Making it On Time” for Christian Siriano and Vogue, featuring girls wearing high-end couture gowns skating through an urban DTLA setting-the first video of it’s kind.

She continues to do commercial work and has worked for notable clients such as: Pepsi, Chobani, Blistex, Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Dell and Target. She has a diverse reel focused heavily on beautiful shots and stunning frames that catch your attention. (Check out her show reel here.)

Much of her experience and eye for detail as well as passion for all things visual is what has given her an edge in creating her first Sci-Fi short film, Unregistered.

The film was made with a stellar cast of actors and crew, including Director of Photography, Paul Cameron, who worked on such films as; Collateral, Westworld and Man on Fire.

Unregistered is a love story unlike any other, set in the near future of Los Angeles, where the Federal Government has a “State Of Emergency” law that limits one child per home due to overpopulation.

And to find out more visit unregisteredthemovie.com and connect via Facebook and Instagram