How to Write & Publish Your Own Book

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With Rich Habits hot off the press, I'll soon be expanding my publishing business to include other authors.

Unlike the rest of the publishing industry, who arbitrarily decide what gets published, I will never assume I know what will sell and what won't.

That's why Writer's World will publish anything and everything that comes our way, as long at it follows our simple submission rules.

My publishing business model is 180-degrees opposite to the rest of the industry.

It simple terms, you pay us to publish your book. We don't change anything—it's your voice, your message, your story, your book—we simply help you get it ready and take it to market. We'll accept non-fiction and fiction of any genre, for any age. We can even publish children's books, photography and coffee-table style books, in black and white or full color.

Once published your book will be available to all bookstores around the world, in paperback and hardcover, as well as all 67 online bookstores, including the big ones, like Amazon and iBooks, the Global Network is huge.

Not only will we publish your book, I'll also teach you how to promote it, using PR and Marketing techniques that work. And we'll build an online selling platform, so your book can easily be purchased by your clients and audience.

Best of all, you make more money from your book than the usual method. Instead of the typical 10% author royalties, you can earn much more, because, in essence, you are self-publishing, but without the tremendous costs of doing so.

Another other benefit is speed. The book publishing industry is very slow. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months to get a book out. But we can do it in a month.

All of these services will be available for around $5k.

Interested? Go here to find out more. and check out the Influencer Launch Pad

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