How To Get Your Social Security Number (SSN) in the USA


To get your SSN you need to:

  1. Complete this form
  2. Visit your local Social Security Office
  3. Take your passport with you.

I was told I also needed a I-912 Visa Waiver Form, which is a form used at customs when you don’t have a travel visa. Of course, I do have a visa, so this was not needed. However, even the Social Securities Officer got confused on this point and said it wasn’t possible to apply without it. I explained that’s a visa waiver, and I have a visa, so he gave it a shot, entered the data in the system it worked!

Surprisingly, when the card arrived it was not as I expected. In Australia we have a medicare card that is plastic like a credit card. But a SSN Card is printed on paper and you are instructed to NOT carry it with you. Apparently all that is needed is the number!

Hope that helps.

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