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Did You Know Debt Is Negotiable?

The Rich know everything is negotiable.
— Tony Melvin

The above quote is one of the key Rich Habits is. It applies to debt too.

All debt is negotiable including credit cards, personal loans and mortgages.

You can put them on hold.

You can reduce rates.

You can eliminate fees.

You can, in certain circumstances, reduce the debt by 90% (so you pay $1,000 to eliminate a $10,000 credit card).

All of this can be achieved when you:

  1. Realize that debt is negotiable.

  2. Know how to negotiate with lenders.

Here’s an example, a text message I received from one of my clients who was initially stressed out about his debt, but then he did the Rich Habits coaching.

You don’t have to feel burdened or stressed about debt because debt is negotiable, and you have the ability to eliminate it faster than you think.

The only missing ingredient is the know-how to do it. And you can get that by reading Rich Habits.

Check it out now.

I look forward to hearing your wins.

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