Building a Business That Works Without You (No matter where you are)

tony live stats shot.png

Since 2002 I’ve used stats in my businesses to monitor progress.

Using stats I was able to grow and monitor the progress of accounting firm Chan & Naylor from a $2M firm to $10M in just two years.

Later we used stats in to monitor licensees spread around Australia and staff who work from home, some based in the Philippines.

I’ve used many different online apps (even paper!), yet none really worked smoothly, many had flaws.

But I’ve finally found an app that works. More importantly, I’ve finally found a company that is building apps that every business owner needs.

Mikel Lindsaar, founder and CEO

Mikel Lindsaar, founder and CEO is the creation of Mikel Lindsaar, a self-taught programmer who is an honest-to-god genius and business builder.

Mikel and I have known each other for many years. And over the past 5 years he’s invested heavily (both time and money) building the kind of apps that all business owners need.

The result of Mikel’s hard work is two powerful apps:

  • envisage - for stats

  • enlight - for training staff and selling online courses

I’m so impressed with Mikel’s work that I’ve agreed to join the company and will be helping expand internationally.

This video below provides a quick look at the benefits of envisage. You can try it for free here.