Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Made Simple

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I first heard about Bitcoin many years ago, way before it took off. Unfortunately, I was busy with other projects and didn’t have the time to fully research the subject and thus missed the boat. Given how money works in this society, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin and other crypto coins took off, as they bypass the central banking system.

But I don’t regret it missing the boat. For those who remember the boom at the turn of the century, the frenzy that rocketed share prices sky high was followed by a massive dive. Well, that event marked the beginning of the internet revolution. Once the frenzy was over, only companies that offered true value where the ones that flourished—companies like Google, Amazon and Apple. Life changing technologies such as the iPhone and Facebook came after the frenzy.

That’s why I have no regrets about “missing the boat” on Bitcoin because in my opinion (based on history) we’ve only just begun.

What is Blockchain?

Let’s keep this very simple.

Blockchain is like a spreadsheet. It’s a place to record a transaction.

Imagine each row in the spreadsheet is a single transaction between two people, such as Bob gave $10 to Alex.

Blockchain is like a spreadsheet

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What makes Blockchain special is that each transaction is verified many times, by different members of the community.

A spreadsheet can be used for many things. And so too can Blockchain. Bitcoin is just one application of blockchain, just like Angry Birds is just one app available in Apple’s iTune Store.

In that sense, think of blockchain as a platform and the cryptocurrency as an app.

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Yes, you read that right. Cryptocurrency is just an “app.”  And money is only one use of blockchain.

So while there is a lot of talk about Bitcoin, what’s far more exciting is blockchain—that’s what makes Bitcoin work.

The possibilities of blockchain are endless. Ten years from now we’ll be using blockchain technology in ways we never dreamed of. Just like we never dreamed we’d all be connected via Facebook sharing videos with our friends from our phones.

One company that is putting the power of blockchain to work is USA based Sterling Consolidated (Stock Code: STCC - note they are a client of Melvin.Media so be sure to read this compensation disclosure.)

Sterling is a 50-year-old company that specializes in importing and distributing of o-rings—those tiny little rubber rings that you’ll find in all cars, hydraulics, aeroplanes, rockets, swimming pools and more.  


It’s an industry where most of the materials are manufactured in China. While this is cheaper than manufacturing in the USA, it presents other business burdens, such as long delivery times and high transaction costs. To find out how Sterling plans to solve some of these problems, visit

And for further reading of Blockchain I recommend The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

If you have any questions, feedback or want more articles on this subject, comment below or contact me.

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