The Art of Money Control

An interesting trick, of sorts, has been played upon the business owner for some time: The money you earn is not all yours. From your earnings, you have to pay GST, tax, staff wages, cost of goods, and other costs depending on the nature of your business.

Now, let me ask you a question: Have you ever been short of money to pay these costs? Don’t feel bad if you have; it’s not your fault. It has happened to everyone I know in business. Why? Money control is simply not a skill that is taught. Instead, it is learned through experience – often through hard knocks.

Thankfully, money control is not very hard to grasp. In this article, you’ll see just how easy it is to control your money and never have a cash flow issue again.


Introduction to Afficient Services

Afficient provides full service accounting. This includes bookkeeping, BAS and Tax Lodgement and a complete paperless receipt system all for less than the cost of a typical bookkeeper.

Benefits of an Afficient Accountant include:

  • No more software.
  • No more bookkeeping.
  • You get a dedicated accountant who works with you.
  • No more bookkeeping staff!
  • No more filing of paper receipts.
  • No need for tedious data entry or multiple systems.
  • One simple monthly bill.
  • Regular reporting.
  • Enjoy a proactive service that helps you achieve your business goals.
  • Who Benefits from the Afficient Services?

    The Afficient Service is ideal for the following types of businesses:

    Category 1
    If, as a businesses owner or investor, your bookkeeping, accounting, tax lodgment and GST lodgment costs you more than 20k per year—you qualify for this service.

    Category 2
    You or your spouse spend the majority of your time doing bookkeeping, invoicing, chasing money and would like to get rid of those tasks, you also qualify for this service.

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